External Brief Overview

Brief overview

Alongside my Dissertation, I will also be working on an External Brief. This is a project that entails responding to a client’s brief. This project should simulate work as a professional Modelmaker, so the main learning goals are regarding communication with a client to create a model suited to their needs.

Who is the client?

I am making a model for The Etches Collection. This is an innovative museum housing a world class collection of fossils that were discovered by Steve Etches around the Kimmeridge area. It is a unique museum that educates visitors in new and engaging ways.

Who is their audience?

The museum has a wide audience that regularly visits the collection. This ranges from school-age children, to families looking for a great day out, to academics. Pre-COVID the museum saw a lot of group trips from schools, universities, or geological and paleontological societies. One of the main links between all their audience is their passion for prehistoric life.

What is the model brief, and what value does it hold for the client?

The museum would like me to demonstrate the buoyancy system inside the shells of ammonite. They have fossilised ammonite shells in their collection, but they do not have a model that demonstrates the intricacies of their buoyancy system. This model will complement the fossils on display and help to bring them to life for the audience. It will also help in promoting the museum’s passion for collaboration with the community.

The focus of this model should be the clarity of the concept, as well as the scientific accuracy of the information presented. It should also be robust – it should be able to withstand a reasonable amount of time with minimum upkeep. Above all, it should be fun and engaging for the audience.

While designing this model, I should keep in mind the wide range of audience that visits the museum. This model must be able to be understood easily by all. I will ensure this by researching the audience to find out how they engage with museum exhibitions and will find a compromise that will suit most needs. This will most likely present itself through the clarity of the model, which will be one of the main things I will be considering throughout the designing and making stages.